Welcome to Decibel Acoustic Solutions

  • Decibel is world solution provider in the field of Acoustics and noise Control.

    Since starting the industry, we continue to pioneer acoustic expertise, innovation and thought leadership in industries as diverse as Residential / commercial construction, energy, industrial engineering, healthcare, administration, media as well as many and many applications. Our core business is to provide total acoustic solutions and products for the entire Middle East, Africa and Gulf area. Our clients are considering us as the unique solution provider and Supplier for Total acoustic solutions. With our Talented and experienced team we reliably deliver turnkey systems and solutions, in pursuit of our vision to become the most respected building services provider in the region.

    D.A.S. Vision is to make the future sounds good.

    We look to the future to enhance the world we live in. By applying sustainability considerations to all our design, products, consultancy and management services right across the value chain, highly-skilled expert professionals are able to create lasting solutions that plan for, connect and respect the future.

    We aim To be the top provider of superior solutions by continuously improving the quality of our work.

    To establish lasting relationships with our clients by surpassing their expectations and gaining their trust, through outstanding performance by every member of our team.

    To be globally recognized as the organization that thinks bigger, innovates faster and delivers quicker in the field of Acoustics and noise control.

    Our Mission

    Our Mission describes our fundamental purpose:

    "We are committed to making the environment much better"


    • Continuous improvement of our products and services.
    • Employing the best global talent.
    • Creating great centres of excellence and quality.
    • Innovating in every field.

    So that we are able to constantly exceed client expectations

    Our Values

    Our values have strengthened our organization, shaped our culture and guided behavior on the job for several years. These values support a set of strategic guideposts for operating our businesses to achieve long-term success. We expect the company’s values to be followed at all times across D.A.S.

    • Innovation: We are committed to research and development: to create new products, improve quality and maintain competitiveness in the market.
    • Customer focus: We like to listen and identify the needs of our clients to create a relationship of mutual trust. We design and manufacture noise control products and treatment which meets their needs whilst complying with the latest regulatory requirements.
    • Quality: Our quality system is certified in accordance with the requirements of ISO standards for the activities of design, manufacture, distribution and sale of noise control solutions.
    • Responsibility: We act with responsibility and commitment to meet our obligations as a company, for our customers, society and sustainable development.

    Our People

    The success of D.A.S. is enabled by the commitment and dedication of our employees and agents around the world. With our continued growth focus, we are a company where employees can express ideas, make a difference and build their future.

    Our workplace emphasizes integrity and ethics. We are customer-focused, continually looking to innovate and enhance our products, service and solutions.

Vision, Mission & Values

Making the Future Sounds Good

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