Building Acoustics Tools


OMNI - Dodecahedron Source

The source Dodecahedron OMNI is designed according to quality standard and design consistent compliance with regulatory requirements such as the UNI EN ISO 140.

The OMNI source is supplied with a connection cable to the amplifier AMG. This allows you to move it around within the environment of measurement, independently from the amplifier.

The OMNI source is equipped with a semi-rigid container which facilitates the transport, protecting it from shock and from contamination. Lower support system is equipped with a small base which also has the function of supporting the dodecahedron on the floor and avoids its accidental rotation and / or overturning.


White and pink noise generator

The pink and white noise generator is integrated in the electronics base amplifier AMG. Using a digital switch you can choose one of two available noises and send it to the power amplifier.

The AMG was designed to issue the maximum available power source OMNI, which is why they were made available two amplifiers integrated in order to balance the sound output of OMNI. The complete system AMG is capable of operating without external power supply. By means of a simple connector you can get up to 60 minutes of runtime at full load using Li –Po batteries.

The wireless system allows the use of AMG also at distance! A remote control allows the switching on and off of the amplification system. It has also been programmed on and off delayed in order to facilitate the operations of photometric measurement in indoor environments.


Microphone boom rotation

The ROTOSTANDONE can be used as a standalone device to obtain the spatial average sound level by moving a measurement microphone back and forth continuously. The unit is operated remotely by means of a remote control.

The main applications are in building acoustic measurements according to the ISO 140, the measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room according to the specific instructions of the ISO 354 and the determination of sound power levels of noise sources using pressure according to the ISO 3741 series.


Tapping Machine

The SLIM is a source designed to meet the specific standards in the field of measurement impact sound transmission and complies with the specification: ISO 140, ASTM E 492, DIN 52210, BS 5821 and ISO 717.

The unit uses 5 heavy hammers, each 500g, falling freely from a height of 40 mm with an impact frequency of 10 Hz or 10 beats per second.

The SLIM is designed to meet the regulatory standard on the measurement of noise transmission through an impact source. The device is entirely made of special aluminum alloy except for doors and mechanical drive elements, made of special steel. It is based on three anti-vibration rubber feet fully adjustable for leveling the instrument.

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