Model dB-IB - Inertia Base Frame

Model dB-IB


D.A.S. inertia base frames, when filled with concrete, meet all specifications for D.A.S. inertia bases, and when supported by proper dB vibration isolators, provide the ultimate in equipment isolation, support, anchorage, and vibration amplitude control.

Inertia base frames incorporate a unique structural design which integrates perimeter channels, isolator support brackets, reinforcing rods, anchor bolts and concrete fill into a controlled load transfer system, utilizing steel in tension and concrete in compression, resulting in high strength and stiffness with minimum steel frame weight. Completed inertia bases using our frames are stronger and stiffer than standard inertia base frames using heavier steel members. Standard Model dB-IB inertia base frames are available in thicknesses of 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm, and 300 mm, Bases include integral isolator support brackets, steel channel perimeter pouring frame, 1/2-in diameter reinforcing rods on 8-in centers each way, and steel anchor bolts prelocated and fixed in proper locations. dB-IB inertia base frames are delivered to the job site completely welded and ready to fill with concrete. On-job labor and installation time are minimized, resulting in maximum economy


· Significantly reduce structure born Vibration.

· Provide a rigid support for mechanical equipment.

· Prevent differential movement at couplings.

· Reduce start-up shock.

· Lower equipment center of gravity, inherently adding to equipment stability.

Ordering Information Required

· Equipment Model / Make.

· HP / RPM of Motor.

· Static Weight of equipment.

· Operating / Dynamic Wt of equipment.

· Outside Dimensions L x B x H.

· Concrete Plinth Y/N.

· Height / Space Constraint if any.

· Required Deflection of Spring (25mm / 50mm).

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