Model RH - Rubber Hangers

Model RH

RH are Our's Duo-Deflection rubber hanger series. The hanger element is molded in neoprene for its excellent oil-resistance and ageing characteristic. It is color coded for easy load identification. The projecting bushing passes through the lower part of hanger frame, preventing metal-to-metal "short-circuiting" of hanger rod with hanger frame.

RH will be isolating effectively most of high frequency noise and minor vibration produced by various suspended HVAC equipment operating above 800 RPM, as axial fans, centrifugal fans, piping, ductwork, FCUs' etc, whereby minimum cost is an important factor and location is not in critical area.

  • RH-MA, RH-1A, RH-2B, RHD-2B, RHD-3C, RHD-4D

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