Model YDS - Open Type Spring Isolators

Model YDS

YDS is Our's design of free-standing, unhoused, single or multiple steel spring vibration isolators, YDS-A. YDS-B, and YDS-C are three series of nominal one 1-inch deflection type while YDS-2A, YDS-2B, YDS-2C are that of 2-inch deflection type. All the YDS series spring vibration isolators consist of spring mounting caps, assembled with level adjustment bolts and locking screws, color coded steel springs for easy load identification and one piece molded, non-skid noise breaking neoprene base.

The steel springs are assured of safe working stresses thanks to optimum computer design. For lateral stability requirement all springs are designed to meet a minimum ratio of 0.80, the spring outside diameter (OD) to a loaded operating height. Also a minimum of 50% additional deflection from rated load before compression to solid is inherited in the design to help accommodate error may have in weight distribution.

YDS Multiple Spring Mounts series of YDS-C models are Our's 1-inch rated deflection, free standing & unhoused spring vibration isolators. Load capacity is greatly expanded by the multiple models apart from their single ones respectively. YDS Multiple mounts are cluster of their single ones, satisfying safe working stresses and other characteristic / ratio of good design to meet most working requirement.

1-inch Deflection Type

Free-standing, unhoused


Multiple Spring Mounts

Free-standing, unhoused

  • YDS-2-xxxx, YDS-3-xxxx, YDS-4-xxxx, YDS-6-xxxx, YDS-8-xxxx, YDS-9-xxxx

2-inch Deflection Type

Free-standing, unhoused

  • YDS-2A, YDS-2B, YDS-2C

Multiple Spring Mounts

  • YDS-2-2Cxxxx, YDS-3-2Cxxxx, YDS-4-2Cxxxx, YDS-6-2Cxxxx, YDS-8-2Cxxxx, YDS-9-2Cxxxx

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