Stainless Steel Expansion Joint

We Supply a wide range of expansion joints from the most stringent internal and external quality systems. Our expansion joint is design to withstand temperature up to 600°C and pressure up to 40 bar. Expansion joints are used in piping systems, pressure vessels, valves etc. to absorb thermal expansion, vibration and to react at predetermined pressures and forces. They are used successfully not only in comparatively simple applications such as heating and ventilating systems and vehicles exhaust connectors, but also in sophisticated areas of nuclear fusion, and aircraft service ducts.

The material used for the construction of expansion joints well depends upon the temperature and corrosion resistance requirements of the application. Typical materials like stainless steel grade 304, 316, 316L, 321 and etc. are available in Singaflex. Singaflex expansion joints are assemble locally so as to reach your requirements, on the length, fitting and with or without sleeve. Our stocks range from 25mm to 1800mm nominal bore, and with our experienced welders, we are able to fabricate or repair the expansion joints with short lead-times.

In judging the design of a bellow convolution, consideration has to be given to pressure and temperature requirements together with movement and flexibility, the optimum solution can provide for a convolution of the unreinforced type, single or multi-ply construction for low flexibility and large movement and root ring reinforced type for high pressure.

Our expansion joints meet the requirements of international standards such as:

  • ASME VIII Appendix 26.
  • ANSI B 31.3. Appendix X.
  • Stoomwezen Rules
  • CODAP-8. French Standard.
  • Expansion Joint Manufacture Association

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