Model dB-FP - Acoustic Fabric Panels

Our panels are designed to reduce reverberation and enhance a room's acoustical properties. Constructed of high quality fibreglass substrate and face laminated fabric, panels provide the ultimate in performance with excellent NRC ratings. Combining form and function, they are ideally suited for a variety of interior design applications. dB-FP panels can be applied to existing walls including block and gypsum walls, and metal cabinetry to absorb reflected sound. They can also double as tack boards and provide a decorative room accent. Each panel is face laminated in the fabric of your choice and available in custom sizes up to a maximum of 48" x 120". Panels are available in a variety of fabrics.

Specification & Advice

Highly qualified acoustic engineers are available to offer assistance and advice to clients, architects and contractors on all aspects of noise control to ensure design specifications and acoustic performance requirements are achieved. We can undertake noise surveys and provide details of anticipated reverberation times pre and post installation. Installation also can be provided by us under our qualified installers.


dB-FP panels are used extensively in commercial premises, high traffic public areas, call centres, offices, conference centres, reception areas, recording studios and public entertainment facilities e.g. cinemas, theatres, auditoria.

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