Model dB-ALM-FG - Fiber Glass Acoustic Lagging Materials

Model dB-ALM-FG

dB-ALM-FG Description

The dB-ALM-FG is an acoustic insulation material designed for indoor or outdoor use. It meets Class 1 requirements for smoke development and flame spread when properly installed.

It is manufactured from a 2.5mm thick highly flexible polymeric barrier with a 25mm glass fiber quilt stitched both sides to a scrim backing to form a spacer layer on the inner face and a reinforced aluminum foil on the outer surface.


The dB-ALM-FG is designed to reduce the sound transmission of piping, ductwork and equipment housings greater than achieved by adding mass alone by combining a fire rated limp mass with a decoupling quilted fiber glass lining. Applications include pipeline noise from fluid or gas pulsation in chemical, petro-chemical and waste water treatment plants and industrial processes in addition to pressure reducing stations, HVAC duct and mixing boxes and other similar applications.

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