Model dB-WIC - Wall Isolation Clip

Model dB-WIC


dB-WIC consists of a metal sheet, suitable modulated. A special ant vibration elastic support, Wall Clip, is placed internally to absorb positive and negative axial forces. The pass-through screw does not come in contact with the metal frame, so that no sound bridge is created.


Ant vibration wall connection Wall Clip is used in order to add structural integrity of long and tall walls, which are mounted on anti vibration pads or based on floating floor. Avoid any direct connection between the double walls, and increase their stiffness. Prevent wall buckling during earthquakes. It is useful when a secondary wall is applied for improved sound insulation and rigid connections will cause unwanted sound bridge.

Dynamic Characteristics

dB-WIC having unique natural absorbing characteristics. dB-WIC unique sound cell design guards against structure borne vibrations transferring into the body of the OPC because of its strong column design providing a small percentage of contact surface area with the structure or substrate it is fastened to. This aids in absorbing and breaking up airborne sound at its transfer point.

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