Model dB-SA—R/C - Sound Attenuators

Model dB-SA—R/C

Sound Attenuators Overview

Our attenuators are designed, tested and manufactured to meet the requirements of modern industrial and commercial projects. With many standard models to choose from, we can easily provide solutions to most applications. Where specialized noise and ventilation requirements are present, We have the ability to design and test products to meet project specific requirements.

Our manufacturing facility enables attenuators to be built to any size and configuration. Where typically attenuators would be manufactured in banks we can fully assemble in-house larger attenuators to be transported and installed as a single unit. The use of larger attenuators provides a more economical build while also reducing the installation time and handling.

Our attenuators are designed to reduce the noise level between two areas while still allowing the passage of air. Attenuators may be designed, built and tested to suit specialized applications; however most performance criteria can be met by selection from the wide range of standard models available. Our Sound Attenuators are built to suit both industrial and commercial applications.

Benefits of dB-SA—R/C

· Guaranteed performance.

· Large range of standard models.

· Range of flanging options.

· Choice of finishes.

· Better Aerodynamics.

· Sturdy construction to suit application.

· Consistent quality and performance.

· Built to all sizes.

· Custom designed where required.

· Lower Self Noise.

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