Acoustic Analysis Tools

Our highly specialized team of engineers with experience in the field, combined with advanced measuring software and equipment can carry out sound level measurements and technical acoustic studies for noise control applications like:

  • Noise measurement from electromechanical equipment or any industrial plant
  • Broadband noise Frequency analysis.
  • Measurements of specific acoustic factors like Leq, Lpeak, LAFmax, LAFmin, LAF10, LAF90
  • Daily noise dose measurement for every worker, according to national and international legislation.
  • Measurement of Acoustic parameters in special purpose halls, such as RT60, RASTI, FFT analysis etc.
  • Vibration measurements (velocity, acceleration, displacement).
  • Environmental noise measurements in motorways, highways, construction sites, airports etc.
  • Mapping of noise levels according to the International standards.
  • In situ measurements in building in order to evaluate the airborne and structural noise insulation according to the international standards.

We utilize a state of art technology in our acoustic consultancy and analysis, by using a group of the most updated acoustic hardware and software, such like:

  • Class 1 sound level analyzer with capability of RT measurements as well as building acoustic module.
  • Machine condition monitoring system VA-11C for vibration analysis, with data logger.
  • Room acoustic Software EASE, NoiseAtWork, SoundPlan, etc.
  • Bastian Software.
  • NoiseatWork Software.
  • Other Acoustic Analysis Softwares and Hardwares,

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