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  • Decibel is world solution provider in the field of Acoustics and noise Control.

    Since starting the industry, we continue to pioneer acoustic expertise, innovation and thought leadership in industries as diverse as Residential / commercial construction, energy, industrial engineering, healthcare, administration, media as well as many and many applications. Our core business is to provide total acoustic solutions and products for the entire Middle East, Africa and Gulf area. Our clients are considering us as the unique solution provider and Supplier for Total acoustic solutions. With our Talented and experienced team we reliably deliver turnkey systems and solutions, in pursuit of our vision to become the most respected building services provider in the region.

Research & Development

D.A.S. developed an Research and Development Department in an effort to create and develop new products, in order to enrich and perfect our existent products and services.

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Mission, Vision and Values

We look to the future to enhance the world we live in. By applying sustainability considerations to all our design, products, consultancy and management services right across the value chain, highly-skilled expert professionals are able to create lasting solutions that plan for, connect and respect the future. We aim To be the top provider of superior solutions by continuously improving the quality of our work.

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Wide Range of Products

Offering the broadest range of Acoustic Solutions of any company in the industry, Decibel A. S. continues to design and engineer product solutions for: HVAC / Piping, Industrial Vibration Systems, Architectural Noise Separation, Interior Wall Absorption Treatment, Exterior Acoustic Barriers, Home Theater Enclosures, Duct Silencers, Molded Elastomeric Components, Seismic Restraint Systems.

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Ask for Our Installation Team

Consult our Installation team or authorized installers to help you perfectly installing our products. our experts will help you to have all our products installed whenever you need. Call us now.

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Our Products

  • Acoustic Ceiling Baffles

  • Elastic Barrier System

  • Wood Wool Panels

  • Noise Testing Instruments

  • Acoustic Metal Panels

  • Noise Testing Instruments

  • Acoustic Pipe Lagging

  • Acoustic Curved Clouds / Baffles

  • Acoustic Wooden Panels

  • Acoustic Foldable Partition - High Line

  • Acoustic Foldable Partition

  • Environmental Noise Monitoring Tools

  • Noise Warning System

  • Pulsar Instruments

  • The Pulsar vB Hand Arm Vibration Meter

  • Acoustic Spray System

  • Acoustic Wall Clip


  • Decibel A. S. is now in the process of making a comprehensive feasibility study to establish in-house acoustic lab within our facility to serve the acoustic range of our products as well as to support others through our Acoustic engineering services.

  • Decibel Acoustic Solutions is seeking international agents and distributors.

  • We are Planning to open our Online Shopping store very soon, this will include all our standard Items, Where you can easily select form our wide range of products.

  • The New Pulsar vB Hand Arm Vibration Meter is an outstanding, self-contained measuring device to help safety professionals safeguard their workers from the damage vibration can do. It is fully compliant with international standards and helps protect workers from Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) and in turn, protects business from expensive legal claims.


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