Model dB-MP-1/2 - Acoustic Metal Panels

Model dB-MP-1/2

Perforated Acoustic Metal Panels

Model dB-MP Absorber Panel are highly durable perforated panels which are used to control background and reverberant noise. Although primarily intended as an absorber, the panels will act as a barrier when a solid sheet metal back is added, further performance enhancement can be done by applying intermediate sheet metal as custom design. Model dB-MP Panels are also useful as additions to existing barriers to reduce reverberation time and to lower reflected sound levels. Model dB-MP is excellent sound absorbers over a wide frequency range. Their acoustic properties combined with their rugged durability make them a perfect choice for test chambers, generator rooms, factories, auditoriums, mechanical equipment rooms, gymnasiums, theatres, garages, hallways and other spaces where reverberant noise is a problem. Our panels are also suitable for outdoor use and are ideal for installation over existing barrier walls (extra water proofing layer will be added for the core infill).

Model dB-MP can be attached to walls, ceilings or other surfaces. They are available with optional rear backing to increase their transmission loss and be used as a barrier. In addition, OMP Panels can be faced with perforated material on both sides and used as hanging absorptive baffles.

Model dB-MP is constructed from galvanized steel or aluminum perforated facing. The facing is folded along the vertical edges and is reinforced at each end with solid channels. Each panel can be filled with a 2" or 4" thick, encapsulated glass fiber sound absorber . The perforated metal face is powder coat painted in a variety of specified colors. The Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) vary from 0.8 to 0.95 (special mounting clips can also increase the panels performance) means more reverberation control for a given coverage area.

Construction Features

· Fully formed one-piece perforated metal panel shell is attractive & sturdy.

· Standard panels fabricated of 22 gauge perforated steel.

· Standard panels are 24” wide X up to 120” long.

· Standard panels fabricated of corrosion resistant electro-galvanized steel.

· Standard built-in flush mount brackets are 20 gauges steel.

· Low frequency stand-off mounting brackets available.

· High-Performance noise absorption characteristics .

· Choice of sound absorbing fills and densities.

· Several protective fill encapsulation options available.

· ASTM E-84 Class I fire rating.

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