Environmental Noise Impact Assessment

Decibel Acoustic Solutions offers a comprehensive service in environmental noise studies, whether a simple measurement exercise or an investigation requiring involvement from initial planning stage to final completion of a major project. In such cases expert guidance will be given, in consultation with interested parties, on noise criteria for the surrounding areas, probably based on the data from an initial noise survey. Detailed calculations will establish the extent of any noise control measures required and advice may be given on possible changes of land use to minimise noise problems. For those projects subject to planning or public inquiries, We would assemble and prepare the necessary evidence on the effects of noise from the project and present this evidence to the inquiry.

Decibel A. S. will also provide guidance and technical specifications for noise control measures, supervise the installation of noise control equipment and carry out checks upon completion to ensure that the noise criteria have been met. Examples of projects where we have provided these services include various types of industrial development, hydro-electric plant, recreational facilities, commercial and residential schemes and various transportation studies. In cases of major road schemes we provide measurements and predictions of traffic noise levels in order to assess the implications of changes to existing road schemes or the implementation of new roads. Assessments and advice can also be provided on noise from construction works associated with transport and development projects.

We are experienced in handling projects covering the noise aspects of various legal and quasi-legal regulations:

  • Planning and Noise Control.
  • Environmental Protection Act.
  • Environmental Impact.
  • Noise Mapping.
  • The Building Regulations
  • The Land Compensation Act.
  • The Noise Insulation Regulations.
  • The Noise at Work Regulations.
  • American, British, European and International Standards.

Decibel Acoustic Solutions can bring to any project an appropriate blend of noise measurement and prediction expertise, noise control and mitigation design, clear technical reporting leading (if required) to preparation of evidence and attendance at hearings.

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